Words that begin with “A "

Abarloar:  to come alongside

Abatimiento:  leeway, drift

Abatir:  to fall off, tend leeward

Abrigo:  harbor, inlet, cove

Abordar:  to crash or bump one ship against another

Aclarar:  to clear

Acoderar:  to bring the broadside to bear, to anchor broadside on

Acollador:  lanyard

Acuartelar:  to flat or haul in the jib

Achicar:  pump out the bilge

Achicador:  pump

Adrizar:  to right itself

Adujar:  to curl up

Alefriz:  mortise, rabbet

Aleta:  place on a ship

Alma:  center of a curled rope

Alunamiento:  curve of boltrope

Amadrinar:  to splice together, join

Amainar:  to calm, lessen, reduce

Amante:  rope, pendant

Amantillo:  lift, topping lift

Amarra:  mooring line, cable or rope

Amura:  bow timbers, tack of a sail

Anclote:  kedge anchor

Aparadura:  garboard

Aparejar:  to rig, fit out

Aparejo:  rigging

Apopar:  balance out

Arboladura:  masts and yards; rigging

Ardiente:  bring into the wind

Arganeo:  anchor ring

Armar:  ready a ship to launch

Arraigado:  lashing, mooring line or chain

Arrancada:  starting jerk, sudden start

Arranchar:  to skirt, sail close to

Arrufo:  sheer of a ship

Arribar:  to drift with the wind, to fall off to leeward

Arrumbamiento:  course

Atracar:  to bring alongside

Atracada:  docking, berthing

Azimut:  azimuth

Azocar:  to tighten up (a knot)

Words that begin with “B

Babor:  port side

Balandrajo:  sloop

Baliza:  buoy, beacon

Baluma:  after-leach rope

Bancada:  rower’s bench, bank

Banda:  side of ship

Bandazo:  lurch, violent heave or roll to one side

Bañera:  wash tub

Baos:  beam

Barloventear:  to ply to windward

Barlovento:  windward

Barógrafo:  barograph

Barómetro:  barometer

Batten:  cutlass

Baupres:  bowsprit

Bichero:  boathook

Bitácora:  binnacle, compass case

Bita:  bitt, cleat

Bolina:  bowline, sounding line

Borda:  gunwale, main sail

Borde:  board, side of a ship

Bordejear:  to tack back and forth

Borneo:  twisting at anchor, space to turn around a ship

Botalón:  boom

Botavara:  gaff, boom

Botazo:  boot, cushion, bumper

Boyarin:  float or be afloat

Boza:  stopper, small boat, mooring line

Braza:  fathom, brace rope

Brazola:  coaming

Brazos:  boom, jib

Bruma:  the morning fog

Buque:  ship, boat, vessel

Bularcamas:  rider, rib, rib re-enforcement in hull

Burdas:  backstay

Words that begin with “C”
Cabecear:  to pitch, plunge, to lurch, sway back and forth
:  head of an anchor
Cable: a measurement of length
:  cabin
 rope or cable
:  coastal sailing or trading
r:  to fall in a certain direction
:  sheave channel or groove
:  thick cable used to tie up ships
:  maximum depth of submerged part of a ship
:  caulk or calk
:  a metal ring shaped object to tighten up a cable
:  stanchion
:  middle of an anchor
Capear:  to lay to, to weather the storm by maneuvering expertly
Caperol:  stemhead, the highest part of the prow of a boat
Carena:  part of the ship under the water
Carlinga:  mast step
Carroza:  awning
Carpa:  a cover to shade the sun’s rays or keep rain out
Carta náutica:  nautical map
Casco:  part below the deck or sub-structure
Cataviento:  dogvane
Cazar:  to tally or haul in
Centro de carena:  the center of the part below water of a ship
Centro de gravedad:  center of gravity 
Centro de resistencia lateral:  lateral resistance center of a ship
Centro vélico:  point where the wind force hits the sail
Ceñir:  to sail against the wind with the least angle possible
Cepo:  a piece of metal attached to the middle of the anchor 
Cerrazón:  a blanket of storm clouds
Chalana:  small embarkation project, on the surface
Chalupa:  an old measure, a small embarkation that can carries two mast
Chata:  a small flat bottom boat with large cargo capacity
Chicote:  extreme end of a cable or chain
Chicha:  absolute calm  
Chinchorro:  a small auxiliary boat
Chubasquera:  rain cover
Ciar:  to put about, to turn around
Cintón:  a wooden structure that goes on the back of a ship
Codaste:  sternpost
Cockpit:  cockpit
Codera:  stern fast
Compás:  compass
Compás magnético:  magnetic compass
Compensación:  actions to compensate for magnetic variations
Condiciones marineras:  sea conditions
Conserva:  a company that puts two or more boats at sea
Cornamusa:  a substance to make a rope or cable stiff

Corredera:  an instrument to measure the distance traveled to determine speed  
Correr:  to sail in bad weather with little or no sail
Costados:  to turn broadside
Costillas:  ribs of a ship  
Cote:  a simple tie of a rope
Coz:  base of a top mast
Crucetas:  crosstree  
Crujía:  midship gangway  
Cruz:  center of a sail yard, throat of an anchor
Cuaderna:  frame of a hull, main ribs or timbers of a ship
Cuadernal:  block, block and tackle
Cuaderno de bitácora:  a notebook or log with all of the information to navigate   
Cuadra:  quarter, width of beam
Cuadrante:  log bearings on a nautical chart
Cuarta:  rhumb, point of a compass  
Cuarterón:  large scale nautical map
Cubierta:  deck
Cubierta principal: 
main deck
Cuchilla/o:  full triangular sail  
Culebra, culebrilla:  cable or line
Culebrear:  to zig zag
Cuter:  cutter

Words that begin with “D”

Dracón:  a commercial brand name for cloth used for sails
Declinación magnética
: magnetic declination
:  bumpers or buoys to keep ships from rubbing up against the dock 
:  bearing
:  to drift
:  drift or go off course
:  leakage of wind (through boltropes)
:  ship’s course
:  course, route, collection of charts
:  without harbor, abandoned
:  to get clear after a collision
:  to dismantle and lay up (a ship)
:  to push off from the pier, to sheer away from the coast
:  to navigate with the wind 
:  to unbend, unfasten (a cable from an anchor ring) 
:  displacement 
:  diversion, deviation 
:  dinghy or small boat
:  dredge 
:  halyard
:  shelfpiece

Words that begin with “E”

Embarrancar:  to run aground  
Embestir:  to run into another boat
Embicar:  to steer straight for land  
Empaquetadura:  something put between two surfaces  
Empavesado:  ship’s dressing or bunting
Empopada:  sailing before the wind  
Encalmarse:  to calm down
Encallar:  to run aground
Encapilladura:  the top of the mast
Encepar:  to foul (the anchor)
Enfachar:  to put the bow into the wind
Enfilación:  to stay on a straight line or on course
Engalanado:  bedecked
Enjaretado:  wooden grating or latticework  
Entalingar:  to clinch a cable to the anchor ring  
Entena:  lateen yard, long beam
Envergar:  to bend the sails, to fasten the sails to the yard
Escala de una carta:  the difference between a drawn object and its real size, scale
Escala de gato:  catwalk
Escala de tojino:  a fixed ladder usually made of steel rungs
Escandalosa:  gaff, top sail  
Escadallo:  sounding-lead, trail
Escarceo:  choppiness of the sea  
Escoben:  the opening on the ship from which the anchor is raised/lowered
Escollo:  reef  
Escora:  line running through point of curvature, shore, prop, list, heel  
Escota:  sheet
Escuadra:  crew  
Eslora:  length, binding strakes of the deck, total length
Espejo:  fantail curvature or surface
Espia:  a name given to a cable on a boat  
Espiche:  a hole made to empty water
Estanco:  watertight, leak proof, seaworthy
Estanqueidad:  water tightness
Estay:  stay, mainstay   
Estela:  wake of a ship,  
Estima:  dead reckoning
Estribor:  starboard
Estrobo:  grommet, strap
Estropada:  inertia of a tied up ship

Words that begin with “F”

Fibra de vidrio:  fiberglass
:  to case out, to pay out (as rope) 
:  rope yarn, rope strands
:  ratline 
:  anchorage place, anchoring ground
:  mast-hole 
:  to anchor, cast anchor, to sound (the depth of water)
:  bottom, seabed 
:  jib, balloon sail
  storm, tempest 
:  planking, sheathing, covering
:  frigate
:  a piece of wood used in the stern of a ship to tie down things 
  a wind that allows for straight forward sailing without tacking
:  a vertical measurement from the flotation line to the top of the cabin

Words that start with “G”

Gallardete:  pennant, streamer
Galleta:  top piece of a mast or sail made of metal or plastic
Garete:  to be adrift, drift 
Garrear:  to drag the anchor
Garrucho:  grommet, cringle 
Gatera:  the tube that the anchor chain comes out of
Gaza:  splice, noose, strap, loop
Goleta:  schooner 
Grampín:  small grapnel
Grandes veleros:  old sailing ships
Gratil:  leech (of a sail), slings, middle of yard 
Grillete:  a “u” bolt of multiple use on a ship
Grímpola:  pennant, streamer
Groera:  rope hole 
Guaira:  leg-of-mutton sail
Gualdrapear:  to flap (sails)
Guardacabo:  iron ring bound with rope to prevent chafing
Guardamancebo:  man-rope 
Guindaleza:  ship’s cable, hawser
Guindola:  life buoy, log chip, boatswain’s chair
Guiñada:  yaw, lurch

Words that begin with “H”

Hacer cabeza: when the anchor hits bottom
Hembra:  grudgeon

Words that begin with “I”

Imbornal: drain hole
Izar: hoist, to haul up

Words that begin with “J

Jarcia:  all of the ropes or cables on a boat
Jarcia firme: rope or cable storage area on a boat
Jarcia móvil o de labor: rope storage area

Words that begin with “K”

Ketch:  ketch, smack
Kevlar: Kevlar

Words that begin with “L”

Landa fija:  metal hook  
Landa móvil
:  moveable metal hook
Lantia:  binnacle lamp  
:  casting away
:  wind along the ship  
: Lattitude
Levar: raise the anchor from the ocean floor or bottom
Limera:  rudder hole, helmpool 
Línea de crujía
:  line along the length of the ship 
Línea de fe
:  direction of the bow as indicated on the magnetic compass
Línea de flotación
:  flotation line  

Línea de posición:  position line 
:  a cable piece
Longitud geográfica: Geographic longitude
Lua:  lee  
:  porthole

Words that begin with “M”

Machos:  rudder pintle
:  main mast
Manga: width of a ship
Maniobra:  exercise, practice
Mano de rizos
:  to take in the reefs
  map or nautical chart  
:  relative bearing, taking ship’s bearing
:  mast, top mast,
  small ropes that make the sail stiff
:  main (mast)  
:  spindle, main part of mast
:  thickness of cordage
  mizzen mast or sail
Milla náutica
: nautical mile
Molinete:  winch
:  hawschole clamp (stops or slows exit of anchor chain)
r:  to tighten, bite or clamp down, strike bottom
:  inner compass box
:  a metal piece to tighten up a connection  
:  topping block
: heavy anchor
Mylar: mylar

Words that begin with “N”

Navegación: navigation, the art of sailing or piloting a ship
Nervadura, nervio: structural re-enforcement that makes material or fiber glass lines stiffer or more rigid
Norte del compás: north by compass
Norte geográfico: geographic north or true north
Norte magnético: magnetic north
Nudo: a knot, measure of speed

Words that begin with “O”

Obenque: the cables that hold the mast up
Obenquillo: shroud, guy, shifters
Obra muerta: the part of the hull that is out of the water
Obra viva: the part of the hull that is below the water line
Ollao: eyelets of the sail or shades
Orejas de burro: a way of navegating
Orla: wood or metal covers
Orza: sail set into the wind
Orzar: luff, luffing, turning into the wind

Words that begin with “P”

Pabellón: the national flag
Pairear, ponerse al pairo: to decrease speed
Palmear: a wooden flooring used on a ship
Pala: the flat, wide part of the oar that is submerged in the water or the entire oar
Palo: main supporting structure of the sail
Palo seco: all sails secured or stowed
Pantoque: part of the hull, the transition between the bottom and the side, usually curved
Paño: all of the material that makes up the sail
Pasamanos: handrails, gangway
Pasteca: snatch block
Pendura: anchor suspended below water
Penol: yardarm, peak, very close
Percha: headrail
Pico: gaff, top of mast support
Pico de loro: part of the anchor
Pie de amigo: part of mast
Pie de gallo: cable or rope
Pinula: sight, pinnule
Pinzote: tiller, pintle
Plano lateral: vertical plane
Pluma: carto lift
Popa: stern of a ship
Portaespía: metal device used to prevent damage to ropes or cables
Práctico: harbor pilot
Proa: bow
Publicaciones náuticas: nautical material such as sea tables, charts
Puesta a punto: sail position at its maximum efficiency
Pujamen: foot of a sail, bottom part of sail

Words that begin in “Q”

Quebranto: deformation, flexing of hull
Queche: ketch, smack
Quilla: keel, bilge
Quillote: stabilizes the lateral plane of the ship

Words that begin in “R”

Rabiza: short rope or cable
Rastrera: lower studding sail
Recalar: to sight land, to reach a ship
Recalmón: lull in wind or sea
Regala: gunwale, gunnel
Relinga: boltrope, rope (of fishing net)
Repicar: to tighten up
Restinga: shoal, bar, ledge of rocks
Retenida: guy, guy wire
Rezón: grapnel
Ría: estuary
Rifadura: splitting (of a sail)
Rizos: to take in the reefs
Roda: cutwater, stem
Rol: list of crew members of a ship
Rolar, rolido: to veer around
Ronza: to fall leeward
Rosa de los vientos: a circle marked with the directions in 360 degrees
Rumbo: course

Words that begin in “S”

Sable: batten or wood planking
Sagula: halyard
Saltar: sudden change in wind
Sargazo: gulfweed
Sección transversal: transverse section
Sección maestra: principle transverse section
Seno: simple rope or cable knot
Sentina: bilge
Serreta: a structural re-enforcing metal piece that runs from bow to stern
Sextante: sextant
Shock Cord: shock cord
Sigladura: the distance traveled by a ship in 24 hours
Sirgar: to tow, to track
Sobrequilla: keelson

Socaire: lee, slack, under protection
Sonda: sounding, probing, fathoming
Sondaleza: sounding line.
Sotavento: leeward, lee
Spinnaker: spinnaker, Sphinx, a type of sail
Suspención Cardánica: a place where ship’s instruments are positioned so that they are not affected by the movements caused by the ocean

Words that begin in “T”

Tambucho: a place to stow sails and things, ventilation, light opening
Tangón: outrigger
Tarquina: trapezoidal sail
Telera: the box where International Signal Flags are stored
Templar: to trim sails to the wind
Tenedero: anchoring ground
Tensor: tension adjustment mechanism
Tingladillo: clinker work
Tintero: female metal piece
Tolete: rowlock, oarlock, thole
Tomadores: gasket
Tope: top of the main mast
Tracas: strake
Trancanil: waterway
Transluchar: change the direction of the sails, change to leeward
Través: perpendicular position of the ship to the coastline
Trinca: lashing rope
Trincar: to lie to
Trinquete: foreyard, foresail, foremast
Trinquetilla: small jib, fore-topmast staysail

Words that begin in “U”

Uña: bill, peak, fluke of an anchor

Words that begin in “V”

Vagra: longitudinal structural beam
Varadero: shipyard, drydock
Varar: to put in drydock, to run aground, to come to a standstill
Varenga: headrail, frame timber
Vareta: wooden structure or strips
Velamen: the totality of the sails of a ship
Verdín: scum or mold, barnacles
Verduguillo: sheer rail, sheer strake
Verga: yard, crossjack yard, all ready to sail
Veril: border of a canal, bank
Viento: tie downs
Viento aparente o relativo: relative wind
Viento real: real wind
Virar: to turn, veer, tack
Virazón: sea breeze

Words that begin in “Y”

Yate: yatch
Yawl (Yol): yawl
Yola: dinghy

Words that begin in “Z”

Zafar: loosen, untie
Zaga: long line of the ship
Zapata: false keel


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